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                              Ah ... Hacking ...

Here is a list of several small  hacks/projects/scripts  I  have  done  or  been
involved with for fun :
- A long time ago, I created a project called  acpi4asus , to add support for my
  laptop in the linux kernel. I am not a maintainer anymore, and I am not using
  that laptop anymore, but the project is still alive. I have kept the original
  website  here .
- Once I took apart my ASUS L2D laptop.  Here is a  gallery  showing how  to  do
  it, without breaking anything.  The images are in reverse order, so  start  by
  the end if you have to take your L2D apart.
- A  patch  for  PWM  to add support for X Shape  extension  (I  don't  use  PWM
  anymore,  screen  is much better 8-) ).
- A small python utility to deal with subtitles :  subconv .
2014/09/17                                      Debian / W3C / vim / PHP powered